Music Corner: Bibi – 사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다 Kazino

I cannot believe I missed Bibi’s comeback! I love Bibi! Bibi and Chungha are my favourite Korean solo artists right now. I just love their sound and I love love LOVE Bibi’s voice. It’s so thick and lulling.

So this song was inspired by a movie and references the movie in the music video. The movie is The War of Flower. The song is her interpretation of the movie, her reimagining where she gets to save her homegirl (source: YouTube comment). The title in Korean is a line from the movie as well about gambling being fun.

So before I read the explanation in the comments about the music video I thought she was entering this gambling human trafficking ring to save the girl. I couldn’t tell if she was too late or not because at the end when she’s holding the woman, the woman is unconscious. And what about that scene though, when she’s holding her! It was impactful.

I love the fact that the song ends on that scene.

The whole music video was cinematic to be honest. She really delivered on the vibe and the character. It was also uncomfortable, the way they were gambling whilst the woman was just sitting there or laying there helpless. It turns my stomach that such things do happen in real life. I hope there are people like Bibi or organisations saving such victims.

The lyrics are just as impactful as the visuals. Even if you don’t understand Korean you’ll get the message of the song from the English that she says. It punches you in the gut with how honest and confronting it is.

And the melody, the actual song… wow. All I have to do is think of Bibi and I can hear the song in my mind. When I was listening and watching I got sucked into the music and lost in the narrative. The repetitiveness of the chorus sucks you in and it feels like you’re spinning, drowning in that world. It’s a very good use of repetition.

As you know I’m a sucker for harmony and that part at the breakdown where she harmonises with her own voice?! It was haunting. Honestly I loved the song.

I like the melody, the lyrics and the fact that the music video is based on a movie and her saving her homegirl from the evil world of human trafficking.

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