Let’s Talk About Sanji! One Piece (re-upload)


Fun fact: if he was real he would be French. That totally fits!

I’ve talked about Sanji a lot already. He’s one of my favourite characters in One Piece. I used to watch the dub version and I loved the New York type accent he had. I think it was a New York accent, if it wasn’t I’m sorry. I also love how he fights solely with his legs. It’s so cool. I watched a martial arts movie where the guy who challenged Jackie Chan fought the same way and I always wondered if I’d see something like that again and I did with Sanji!

Sanji has a twofold sad backstory. Sanji is the biggest plot twist of the series so far. What gets me is that Oda set it up from the beginning. He had Sanji’s posters always drawn and we only saw his life from when he met Zeff and we never thought about the before. I mean his story with Zeff was dark enough who would have thought he suffered before that?! Also his name San-Ji, the three was always there! I’m sorry but this arc blew my mind!

(Although looking back we should have known something was up. Why was he stowing away? A child doesn’t run for no reason. Also does Zeff know about his past? When they were recovering did he ask him about his past or was he like Luffy and he didn’t care.)

It made me admire Sanji more honestly. He was such a kind kid and yet so weak. His mother and sister saved him, then he got on Zeff’s ship, almost died, got saved, almost died again and then became a hardass chef with a thing for women.

His love for food and cooking for others carried on into his adulthood. Honestly, it’s lucky he met Zeff, a cook pirate.

This brings me to his…


I used to think Gordon Ramsey hammed it up for the cameras and that in real life he wasn’t that aggressive in the kitchen. But having worked as a waitress I can 100% guarantee chefs really are that aggressive because they have to be. (I’ve only ever met one mellow chef).

They have to do things within a certain time limit, they never sit down and they have to prepare large quantities with high quality. It’s not for the weak.

And Sanji isn’t weak. Sure he missed out on the durability of his brothers but he’s not weak. He’s strong because of all he’s suffered through in his life. Think about it, what he went through would break most people.

The child abuse, his mother dying and then having to run away from home and almost starving to death. Sanji is definitely a strong man.

Even the way he reacted to his crew and family being threatened and having to marry Pudding. He didn’t want to leave but he did it for them. He was strong even as he was dying inside.

As I said above he’s kind but above that he’s empathetic. It makes his mother’s sacrifice worth it. Because of his empathy he has saved and made allies out of many people. I mean Pudding was set on killing him but his genuine kindness and acceptance of her saved his life and many others. I mean the same thing happened with Gin too.

I love that Luffy see all these qualities of Sanji and loves him for it, even whilst his father hates him for it. Even though those qualities of Sanji is what saved Judge’s life, the dickhead.

Another quality I like in Sanji that makes him the HOTTEST is his brain! He is so smart and good at thinking on his feet. He’s witty and a quick thinker. I mean, the Alabaster Arc with his Mr Prince persona (does Crocodile still not know who man is? Probably) and then the Sea Train Arc to Enies Loby … damn he almost defeated them all. He almost saved Robin right there!

I hope we get to see Sanji’s brain shine once again soon.

He’s also mad loyal. When Luffy and Usopp were fighting he was the one to try to kick sense into them not wanting them to say things they couldn’t take back. He knows the power of words. Also he went above and beyond for Robin, not just because she is a woman but because she was a part of their crew. He went above and beyond for Usopp too when he got beat up. So yeah, he loyal.

Oh yes, he is also a pervert. I haven’t forgotten that. I’m starting to think that mangaka’s have a quota they have to fill of perviness in their mangas. I mean almost all my shounen manga favs have that one pervy character *strokes chin*.

It is part of his personality but I do think it’s hammed up for laughs. I kind of wonder if he’ll even end up with someone in the future. In my own headcannon I think that whenever he settles down, whoever he chooses he’ll only be pervy for that one person.

To be honest I used to think his perviness was the worst one in manga  but then I met Mineta *shudders*.


He is a person that is full of love but he’ll never show it. I mean look at his goodbye to Baratie. It was only when he was leaving did he show how much he cared and was going to miss them. I mean even the chefs only broke down at that moment. So with men, he doesn’t show he cares that often until he needs to.

He was willing to sacrifice himself for Luffy when faced with Kuma. Although I think it’s sad he wanted to replace Zoro because he thought Zoro and Luffy were more important. That was a sad look into his inner self esteem.

Despite his family mistreating him he decides to save them. I mean he loves Reiju but his brothers and his father did nothing but abuse him and yet he still wanted to save them.

I don’t hate his brothers because it’s like do you hate the evil robot or the scientist that made the evil robot? I blame the scientist. Think about it Judge took away their empathy. They’re strong physically but emotionally and mentally they’re broken, especially Ichiji, to me he’s the most robot-esque.


All in all he is Luffy’s left hand man and he is finally back with the crew! I am so happy. I missed seeing them all together. Now finally they’ll face their enemies together as they should.

Since the WC Arc he’s really come into his own. Is it just me or is he happier? He’s more self assured. Sanji needed this arc and it was nice to have someone fighting for him for a change (in the WC arc). Honestly, everyone needs a friend like Luffy.

That’s it for now; the next character shall be Tony Tony Chopper.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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