The Senju’s and the Uchiha’s – A Brief Study (re-upload)


Welcome to my last character study in my Naruto character study series. Next I shall be going on to One Piece characters. In this post I shall be talking about the Senju’s and the Uchiha’s.

As a Naruto fan I’m sure you know a lot about the Uchiha’s. I find it interesting that both tribes are descended from Asura and Indra and that the Uchiha’s are cursed because of Indra.

Although it should be said an Uchiha can overcome the curse of hatred, like Itachi did, Shisui did, Kagami did and Obito almost did before he was corrupted by Madara. It was also interesting that their downfall was too much love. That they loved so deeply that when their heart was broken they became destructive monsters. I say monsters because I feel like in their heartbreak they lost some of their humanity. It is called the curse of hatred, instead of love they’re consumed by hatred.

When you think about it though this is a flaw all humans have. We all struggle with heartbreak and how we deal with heartbreak determines the kind of people we become. We can either heal and move on or we can turn off our humanity so we won’t be hurt again. This also reminds me of Vampire Diaries.

I think the Uchiha’s downfall was black zetsu for SURE! But it was also because they did not know their history and they did not understand their sharingan. If they understood it and taught their kids effectively I feel a lot of the problems of the series would have been avoided, but of course black zetsu and Kaguya did not want that.

With the Senju’s they were blessed with good luck and they had the will of fire. However they still had to work hard and they still had their own flaws. I have one question, what happened to the Senju’s after Hashirama and Tobirama? I mean there’s Lady Tsunade but like no one else. It makes no sense. Moving on…

Hashirama was compassionate but he did not let that become a weakness. He could have spared Madara but when Madara was harming the wellbeing of everyone else, the village, he put his feelings aside and stopped him.

He was powerful, just and honestly looking for peace in a world full of conflict. I feel that Madara lost sight of that and got stuck in his ego (curse of hatred), because if he had worked with Hashirama and gained the trust of the people he would have been the second Hokage. I mean Gaara proved that it could be done. I feel that it could have definitely been done in their time too, especially in the beginning.

With Tobirama I don’t hate him. Yes his decision to make the Uchiha the police force wasn’t the best and it did push them out of the village affairs. I don’t understand why they didn’t just rectify this error later on through other Hokage. And why didn’t they just talk about their issues? It was not so extreme of a situation that it warranted them all dying, even Tobirama did not want the Uchiha to be wiped out (he begged for Madara to spare the last Uchiha Sasuke). But again the cause of this evil is easily found, Danzo (intense side eye) that man was behind everything that went wrong after Tobirama’s time. I wish Sarutobi slapped him once. Or at least he should not have trusted him the way he did.

Tobirama was logical and was more realistic than Hashirama. When you put Hashirama and Tobirama together you got a well-balanced person. They both needed each other. People focus on the fact that Hashirama needed Tobirama but Tobirama needed Hashirama too, he helped him to see the light and to have hope. He also tempered Tobirama’s extreme nature.

One wish I have for Hashirama is that he got control over his cells. Like this is a lesson kids, if you are in Naruto land always go for cremation so that no one can mess with you after death.

The two tribes, along with the Uzumaki’s, set the tone for Konoha. It’s a shame the Senju’s and the Uzumaki’s aren’t as present in present Naruto (aka Boruto) although Naruto is bringing the Uzumaki’s back one pregnancy at a time. I don’t know if the seals will come back though, such a powerful technique, gone *wipes a tear*.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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