Music Corner: Hwasa – Maria

Wow so there has been an influx of comebacks from female kpop artists and I am loving it! It is the summer of women and there’s still more to come, I mean we haven’t gotten to Seulgi and Irene’s debut. Then there’s the supposed new SM girl group (which I am actually curious about, are they the girls from the mickey mouse club?).

But that’s what is to come. We have already had Sunmi with Pporappippam

and Chungha with Play. They were solid comebacks as always with really good mvs. Chungha even busted out some ballroom dancing I mean… girl?! First vogueing and now this… she’s out here.

You know who else is out here? The subject of this blog post: Hwasa!!

I’ll admit at first, I was not feeling this song. I watched the mv and there was a lot of meaning and layers and I was not in the mood to figure it out. I was just burnt out that day. So, I just listened to the song and moved on. Then I was watching Kpop Junkee’s video and he explained the music video so simply and I was like, “Huh, I need to watch it again.” I eventually did and funnily enough this song is the easiest for me to understand.

In the lyrics she talks about how she’s received so much criticism she’s ingested it and internalised it. She’s gotten to the point where she’s tired and lonely because of it. You can see the hate in the music video as well in the negative attention she gets in the opening scenes, the scene with the lighters, and the scene with the pencils. Also, you can see it in the fact that her pure self died and her darker self was reborn (I found it interesting that no one was at the funeral when she had all that attention when she was alive. So, they only care until they kill you…? dang).

From that you would think that the song is sad but it’s not. She’s talking to herself (apparently Maria is her catholic baptism name) and telling herself that she is the shit. The line that stands out to me the most is:

Why are you trying so hard? You are already beautiful.

I mean… can you relate or can you relate?

I definitely can. I mean I’m no celebrity so no way on the level that she experiences but no matter where you are in life haters are going to hate. I’ve had to deal with negativity from others in my personal life and it got to the point where I believed all they said. I internalised it and repeated their words to myself as if their words were my words. It took me such a long time to realise what was happening and when I realised it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds. I even wrote a post about it on here (I can’t remember the title but it’s here somewhere in my musings tag).

So, it’s funny to think I initially wasn’t that into the song when it resonates with me so much. This is a lesson, don’t listen to anything when you’re in a bad mood.

I really like the song in general as well. It flows well and I really like her vocals. I mean Hwasa can sang! That’s not new.

Also, the dance is really good. Her dancers are not holding anything back. Although when I watch her dance I get a little nervous as she hurt her back before her comeback. I hope she’s not dancing in pain. I mean back ache… it’s not the one.

Anyway, tis a solid comeback. I look forward to more from the summer of women!


Oh, before I go. Hwasa receives a lot of hate for various reasons and I just don’t understand it. If you can’t stand someone then just don’t consume their music. You have options! There are so many artists out there in the world that if you don’t like someone fine, you can ignore them.

I feel like most people get this but there’s an alarming amount of people who don’t. Anyway, I hope never to be that person.

Hwasa really living in their minds rent free…

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