Summer of Women: Jessi – Nunu Nana / Soyou – Gotta Go

It’s still going strong! The summer of women!

So this week I shall be talking about Jessi and Soyou. First let’s start with Jessi.

I don’t think I’ve talked about Jessi on here before but I quite like her as a rapper. She’s honest and down to earth. She owns everything about herself good and bad and that’s rare I think. She also has a fantastic singing voice that people forget about. I wish she had more songs of her just singing because her voice is beautiful.

Because she can sing and rap and can do both in her own songs she reminds me of Yoon Mirae, another singer rapper that I love. Honestly if they were to do a collab together one day that would be so cool!

Anyway her song, Nunu Nana. It’s very Jessi. It’s in your face and direct with its sound. There are moments in the song where she slows it down, like before the chorus. Actually she starts the song slow and then bam! she hits you with the beat and the more brash verses and chorus.

The message of the song is pretty straight forward too. I really like the first verse where she’s like if you want me then come and get me, don’t beat around the bush. I second that.

Then the rest of the song talks about how she is herself, she does what she wants and she doesn’t concern herself with what haters say. At the end of the day, haters are going to hate but they’ll never win with Jessi.

You can feel her fire with this song and I like that. I like that it’s straight forward and I like that she says what she means.

One song that is also pretty good that you should check out is Star. She flexes her singing and rapping skills in this song. It talks about her journey from when she was younger to now. It shows how hard she’s worked and her determination to stay true to who she is.


Next let’s talk about Soyou.

This song is only a single which is a shame. As in, it doesn’t come with an album.

I love Soyou’s voice. It’s so smooth and buttery, it has almost a whisper quality that gives it a sweet effect. So now that she’s a solo artist it would be nice to see her voice shine.

If you don’t know, Soyou was a member of a girl group called Sistar and they were the queens of summer. It seems Soyou is staying true to that with her new single Gotta Go.

It is the perfect summer banger. I could see this being played at the club or at a summer party… you know if those were allowed right now.

It’s a feel good song where you can just dance and enjoy yourself. You don’t need to overthink it.

I actually like the verses and the pre chorus more than the chorus. I feel like the chorus is actually the weakest part of the song but not so weak that it destroys it. It’s just missing something that would take it to the stratosphere.

The bridge where she plays with her name, with the puns and everything, I love it! I’m a sucker for puns.

One thing I loved about Sistar is the confidence that they carried within them. They felt like the ‘it’ girls but not in a Mean Girls way. So with her solo that confidence is still there so she’s able to carry the song and deliver the sass in the music video with the whole runway concept.

Overall it’s a solid comeback but I know Soyou can do more and so I’d like to see that and hey, what about an album?

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