I Have Another Husband (OP Spoilers)

If you’re an anime only watcher of One Piece or you’re not caught up with the manga yet then do not read this post.

I repeat, DO NOT READ…  there will be SPOILERS.

This was something that was spoiled for some people and it was a shame because it was such a good reveal.

You know who didn’t get spoiled? Me! Why? Because I don’t watch the anime, or rather I am not up to date on the anime, I will watch it eventually.

So when I was reading the manga, all merry and cheerful, before I was on anitwitter with all the spoilers it really was just me and One Piece. So in the Wano arc out of the new characters the one who stood out to me the most was Kyoshirou.

If you watched my videos on One Piece before they delved into Kyoshirou’s true character you can see that I was very much fascinated by him.

There was just something about him. I had this feeling that there was more to him than met the eye.

He was loyal to Orochi and yet still dissed him. He always seemed mad, it just felt like there was something bubbling inside. Also the way he could go from drunk and cheerful to this imposing presence was astounding.

The most suspect moment though was when he ‘killed’ Komurasaki. I was like, wait, hold on. He definitely slashed her. She was definitely dead so why is she alive and going by the name of Oden’s daughter?

And I remember trying to make sense of it like, “Wait, so he didn’t kill her on purpose. She’s not a fighter, if she survived he had to be in on it and he had to know that she was Hiyori, but why is he protecting her?”

I came to the conclusion that perhaps he was like Hyogoro. A yazuka boss from that time and so was loyal to Oden but decided to pretend to be loyal to Orochi to save his people.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How did you not figure it out?”

In my defence, I did not pay attention to certain information. Like they were looking for Denjirou right? I never paid attention to that. I thought we would meet him in time like how we met Kawamatsu. However when we got closer to the raid and Denjirou still didn’t show up, I thought he was dead.

I know, how could I be so blind!!!

Anyway, another suspect moment for me was his clash with Zoro. The way he blocked the action, the eye contact they had and their reactions to each other. There was just something about it. It was like behind his eyes there was something simmering.

No matter how much he tried to sell it I just knew he wasn’t bad. I just knew he was against Orochi and I just knew he was on the side of Oden.

So when it was revealed that he was Denjirou it was sealed. It was made fact, he was my husband.

Ok, so I liked Kyoshirou and I liked Denjirou. I liked that Denjirou was the smart one of the group and that he had beautiful long hair in a pony. He was just gorgeous and smart, did I mention smart?

I have a thing for intelligence, I think it’s called sapiosexual. I don’t like the kind that is snobby and loves to belittle but the Shikamaru kind… or the witty kind or the kind where they use their intelligence to save others. I love a strategist mind.

In Harry Potter my favourite character is Ron, not just because he’s gorgeous and funny but because of his strategist mind. I just love it. (If you’re drawing a blank, the movies cut that part of his character out after Chamber of Secrets).

So yeah I was already in love with Denjirou even before the reveal. Which is funny, I really should have known. *shakes head at past Gift*.

So when it was revealed I was like, what? He face changed out of anger!! Ooh, wow!! Way to take an old wives tale literally. And *happy sob* he still has his luscious hair! And he was the Witching Hour Boy!

He’s for the people, he’s smart and he’s patient.

Imagine waiting twenty years, clawing your way to the top and gaining the very paranoid Orochi’s trust.

He got Orochi to trust him.

Orochi never suspected him… I-

And not just Orochi but everyone around him. Ok, recent chapter spoiler but…

He even got people to believe he was their best friend. I mean, what?! The acting skill. He was unparalleled!!

Imagine how much it must have hurt him to play nice with them. Imagine how much it must have hurt him to protect Orochi and yet he did it because he knew his friends were coming. He knew they would need a man on the inside to pave the way so that they could avenge Oden together.

He literally has all the things I love in a man, which is why he is my husband now.

It’s true I have other husbands in One Piece. I never thought anyone would come along and make me love them more than I love the big three but Denjirou proved me wrong.

Out of the big three I do love Sanji the most but the part of his character that made me fall in love with him: (his strategic mind, his logic and his awesome fighting skill) has been missing for a while, although it looks like it’s making a comeback. How long was he hiding amongst them? I just…

Anyway yes, Denjirou, I love him and seeing as he doesn’t have a wife I shall take that role. Thank you, this is not up for debate.

Sanji is my husband too but I don’t think people will fight me for him (although he does still have fans). Also, random but I really like Katakuri. I also like Smoker, he’s a good marine.

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