Which Crew Would you Join?

Spoilers Within

So for the longest time the only crew I wanted to be a part of was Luffy’s crew. Granted it is a small crew but they have everyone that they need and each member is more than qualified for the job.

I still love the Strawhats but there’s a crew that has snuck up on me and demanded I love them too and that’s the Kid Pirates.

Now, before the Kid Pirates and the Vinsmoke brothers there weren’t any characters in One Piece that were problematic that I liked. When I say problematic I mean by my standards as everyone is different.

I mean with the Vinsmokes, I don’t hate them as how can you hate a tool? How can you hate the hammer instead of the man that wields the hammer? They were literally robbed of their free will and empathy!

That’s another discussion for another day. (I am talking about Sanji’s brothers… I couldn’t care less about Judge).

Then there’s the Kid Pirates. They are pirate pirates. They definitely have killed and show no remorse about it. So I shouldn’t like them right?

However as many people have pointed out, apart from the Strawhats all the pirates are like that. In fact, the Strawhats are the abnormal ones. Although, if we’re honest Zoro and Robin have definitely killed before. Perhaps Nami too… I don’t think Franky has but he isn’t a saint. So yeah, even the Strawhats aren’t spotless.

So I shouldn’t feel bad for liking the Kid Pirates.

What do I like about them?

Their style. I love their style. I love their clothes, their aesthetic, everything! I love how they are free to be themselves ad express themselves.

One Piece is a world where you can wear what you want but I feel like even in that world, the Kid Pirates stand out. And I love it. It’s so punk and just *melts*.

That’s what I like superficially. I also like their way of thinking. Like Luffy, Kid is confident and has a distinctive goal that most people laugh at. Instead of laughing like Luffy he responds with violence to the mocking (let’s be honest if Luffy hadn’t had met Shanks and got that lesson he would be the same).

He wants to be king of the pirates and to find One Piece. He’s bold and says what’s on his mind and has a weird thing for politeness.

He’s an interesting character really and not just Kid but the crew members that have received spotlight too. Killer, Heat and Wire are all interesting characters. How did Heat get his scars? Why can he breathe fire? How tall is Wire, where is he from? What is Killer’s real name? Is Killer his real name? (We now know why he wears a mask). They’re interesting.

They’re also aware of the world they live in. They accurately get a read on the dragons. They see that they are just as messed up as the pirates, if not more actually but what they do is allowed by law. How creepy is that?

What Kid said was so true and really it was the first time in One Piece, the whole Sabaody Archipelago arc, where we saw that they world they live in is corrupted from the very top. We’d seen it before in glimpses but there we saw it clearly.

They have members like Killer who are book smart. It would be easy to stereotype them and to make them nothing but mindless killers but they’re not. Killer, himself, is not a mindless killer. He is calculated, everything he does is deliberate and thought out, and he is skilled without a DF ability.

They are also loyal to one another. Their connection is real and true. Kid doesn’t just refer to Killer as his first mate but his partner. They are equal in his eyes and honestly apart from the first part of Wano arc they were never apart. He trusts him and cares for him and his crew.

He upholds his end of a bargain and sees it through even in the face of someone like Kaido.

Spoiler Incoming

Just thinking about how loyal they are to each other and how much they went through because of Apoo’s betrayal is… something. When it was revealed that Killer was Kamazo and that he lost his facial expressions, man that was sad.

The recent episode was on that and they managed to make it sadder… like what?!

Killer was honestly the perfect character for such a storyline as we’ve never seen him without a helmet/face mask. But Kid’s pain… wow. It hits right where it hurts and the fact that Killer is crying as he laughs…

My boo, why did they do this to him!

Anyway… after that it would be awkward for Killer right? He’s forced to laugh a laugh that he hates. They could have mocked him. They could have made his life difficult but they decide to adjust and to laugh with him so he’s not the only one laughing. They help him get over his complex. I mean it will take time but they will get him there.

So yeah, the Kid Pirates I would definitely ride with them on Victoria Punk. They’re my kind of people.

Whose crew would you join (apart from the Strawhats)?

(I wouldn’t join the heart pirates as there is no way I am ever stepping foot in a submarine).

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