Music Corner: Taeyeon – #GirlsSpkOut ft Chanmina

Taeyeon is back and with a Japanese single this time. It popped up on my recommended and as I am a total Taeyeon stan I promptly checked it out.

I didn’t know what to expect having seen no teasers leading up to the song. I also wasn’t sure in which direction the song would go from the title. It was clear that it would be about girls speaking out but speaking out about what?

The first fifty seconds of the music video make it very clear what. She came for toxic masculinity and she came for it hard.

I never realised how scary being hit on unwantedly could be until women started talking about their dangerous and life threatening encounters. I then got another shock when I found out that women have even been killed for rejecting men.

I couldn’t wrap my brain around it, why?

So when the song started and the random guy started following her and touching her when she clearly wasn’t interested I felt uncomfortable, like “Dude go away! Can’t you see she’s not interested and just trying to take a walk?”

Then the sign fell on him and all was well again.

It should be noted that he does not die. They could have killed him off but no they only seriously injured him, a fate better than what some real life women have experienced at the hands of men shooting their shot.

I have to say, I was surprised. It’s rare that we get an overtly feminist song from a South Korean singer. I remember when Irene from Red Velvet quoted a feminist book and men in South Korea were mad about it.

I understand that feminists are viewed as women who hate men and how that’s bad in South Korea (although when you think about it, feminists are viewed negatively everywhere, Koreans are just more honest about their thoughts).

So knowing all that I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t expecting the sign to fall on him, I wasn’t expecting the message of the song. I wasn’t expecting it so I was pleasantly surprised and I love the direction she took and that she did this song.

I love how she starts off with, “Come on girls, this is our generation.” It calls to her Girls’ Generation roots and to the message of the song.

I also like the song itself. It’s smooth and I like that. It’s lowkey and it shows you can carry a big message whilst still having a smooth melody. Or perhaps it’s her voice that’s smooth. Yes, *happy sigh* it is smooth.

Chanmina also fits in well with the song and with Taeyeon’s vibe. It’s my first time hearing anything from her and it’s safe to say it was a good first impression.

I just wish she would promote the song or like do The Stage or something. I really like the dance and I want to see the whole thing. We always talk about her voice but rarely do we acknowledge her superior dance skills.

*sigh* Let’s face it, what I really want is to go to a Taeyeon concert. That’s the dream.

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