Hidden Gem: Stray Kids’ B Side

I have recently gotten into Stray Kids. I am surprised by how much I like them. I thought their music would be too serious or dark for me.

As when I was hearing about them from stayzens that’s what they said the most. So I wasn’t sure but then after watching the ten thousandth meme video and after accidently seeing a ton of Jisung memes when I was looking for Jisung memes (Stayzens will get it) I decided to check out their music.

I started with God’s Menu and oooh it hit. I loved the music video and the song and the dance. Then I had to check out Back Door and I liked that too. Cut to me checking out their entire discography, yes the entire thing. I also ended up watching a ton of vlive videos.

Thus I had to write a post about my favourite b side tracks because they’ve got some good ones. Although, they tend to make videos for everything so even their b sides have videos.

Oh, as I’ve already talked about their Go Live/In Life albums in my YouTube video  I won’t mention any of the songs from there here.

The first song I shall be talking about is…


This song is from the first Clé album. It has a street mv and a performance video. I like both. I love casual, low production videos for songs, they’re so fun… just like this song.

Everything about it is fun and high energy, from the melody, to the choreography to the video. I mean the choreography has so many good moments: when they drop it low, Felix’s kick and little moves that I like but don’t know the names of.

The lyrics have that fighter energy that you would expect from title and the performance video. They’re talking about fighting for their goals and aggressively pursuing them. They’re out here ready to grind and achieve their dreams one sweat droplet at a time.


So this one grew on me. Originally in my notes I wasn’t too keen on this song. But then I recently got the SKZ 2020 album and the song came on and I was jamming out to it and I was like, “What song is this?” And it was Chronosaurus and I was like, “Well I guess I love it now”.

I don’t know what it is, I just like it. In my head what sticks out the most is Felix going “tick tock tick tock getting closer!”

I also really like the vocal moments in the song. Chan’s voice in the bridge *chefs kiss*.

This song does have a music video and it is the most simple one. It just has them sitting on chairs and occasionally standing. It’s ironic because the lyrics are about beating time and trying to run against it as you feel it closing in on you.

There’s this sense of anticipation in the mv, like they’re just waiting for that gun to go off.

Also, I thought there was possibly a Double Knot easter egg/teaser in the mv.


This one is another that has a street version mv. I find this one, one of the funniest and also a little sexy? I don’t know, they were wilding. I had to check the lyrics to make sure and yes, they were wilding (*cough* mostly Hyunjin  *cough*) but it was in a playful way not a serious way.

This song has also grown on me. Probably because I keep watching the video and also because I like it musically. Sometimes I listen to things late at night when I’m tired and want something soothing and immediately write it off but then in the morning I’m like, “Oh, it’s not bad. I actually do like this”.

The lyrics address something they talk about a lot in their music, especially they’re earlier stuff. Although, they’re only a two year old group so their earlier stuff is from 2018. They’re basically asking themselves (?) what they want to do. What do you want to do in the future? It’s not known but they’ll go for it anyway.

Beware Grr 총량의 법칙

I love this one. It’s just so fun when they growl. I thought people were joking when they said they growl but they do! I was expecting Felix to have the best one because of his deep voice but honestly it’s Changbin (for me). Ooh I love it. He manages to convey the aggressive mood so easily.

The lyrics are basically telling adults or people who think they know better to mind their business, “Mind yo business!!” And to back off.

This one has a music video and it’s from their pre debut Mixtape album. If you don’t know they were formed on a JYP reality show/competition (they’re under JYP Entertainment)… I haven’t watched it. After Ikon’s I’ve had enough of that emotional turmoil. Anyway the pre debut album comes from when they were on that.

Stray Kids is largely a self-produced group with 3racha (Chan, Changbin and Han) making a majority of their songs.

Watch the mv to see baby SKZ. It’s amazing how fast teenagers change as they turn into adults… although some of them were already adults like Chan.

I’m going off topic, next!  


This song has a rock sound that I like. I like the wailing guitar that is in the background half the time. It’s not actually wailing but more like it sounds like a wail. If you were in my head that sentence would make sense. I don’t know how else to put it.

I like how the melody, the singing, goes with the whole message of the song. They really be trying to wake you up! I can feel it.

It’s a song telling you to wake up, get woke for real, wake up within yourself.

This is another one of their songs that gives me anime opening vibes.

Honourable Mention:

3rd Eye

It starts off peaceful then turns to rap. I just love how it builds and transitions into the rap.

Felix’s voice though, it really suits mellow songs and quiet moments where there’s little instruments and just his voice can be heard.

In the lyrics they talk about wanting to open their third eye so that they can understand themselves better.


The beginning kind of reminded me of Thunderbirds. You know the countdown and the tone of the countdown.… I loved Thunderbirds ok!

The lyrics are talking about their dedication to their dream and are asking if we’ll stay with them. At least that’s what I got from them. By we I mean their fans who are called Stay.

The beat feels like running. When listening to the song I feel like I should be moving. The chorus especially, it feels like it’s propelling me forward. There’s a sense of urgency even in the slower moments.


The song is talking about extreme opposites and choosing between them. They prefer choices that are clear cut, yes or no, rather than ambiguous decisions or ambiguous answers.

It’s basically an all or nothing mindset. Don’t be lukewarm, instead be hot or be cold.

I found this song so weird when I first listened to it and I still do but I like that weirdness. It will also pop into my head at any moment for no reason.

I like when Changbin’s and Felix’s parts interchange. Changbin also has a moderately low voice and so they blend well together.  I also really like I.N’s part.

I also really like the street version music video that they did in Thailand for this. It’s so fun and silly. I love groups who aren’t afraid to be silly and to enjoy their music with their fans.


This one is from Clé Levanter mini album.

I like the beat of this song. I mean I really love it, from the beginning it gets me dancing. It was love on first listen. It’s my kind of hype song.

It’s funny that it gets me hype and yet the title is Stop. It’s the longer version of Road Not Taken (밟힌 없는 ) from Clé Yellow Wood.  

The best line in the song for me is: “Even if you fall down while talking, even if you face failure, spit in the face of giving up”. It’s so direct and aggressive, I like it. Sometimes, you need to be aggressive with your inner demons and I appreciate that.

So those are my favourite b side tracks. I have more b sides that I like but I didn’t want to go on forever.

What are your favourite b side tracks?

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