Justice for Bonnie Bennett

She was played.

She was played!

I’ll admit though I wasn’t on the Bonnie train when I first started Vampire Diaries. At first I really didn’t like her. She was always holier than thou and it annoyed me.

Also I must admit I was a team Damon person because I didn’t see why only he was hated when a lot of people did trashy shit on that show, even Bonnie. Also I just preferred Elena with Damon it seemed more genuine.

Before you start fighting me that’s not what I’m here to talk about. At the end of the day I ended up sick to death (to death!) of Elena and Damon and Stefan. Ugh, once she finally chose I cried tears of relief.

Also, the brotherly bond between Damon and Stefan became more interesting to me. That moment when Damon came back when Stefan almost wasted the bourbon… emotional! Pure emotion!

So in the same vein my opinion of Bonnie also changed. I started to realise, wait, why does all the bad stuff happen to Bonnie? Why can’t she find love?

I stayed optimistic though. I was like, everyone has their season so she’ll find someone soon and have a great love. She will have her badass witch moment. She won’t always sacrifice herself for others. She won’t always die.

*bitter laughter emits from Gift’s mouth* Oh how wrong I was!

Also, name one black person on that show that got a good ending?! You can’t can ya?!

This chick died twice and kept it a secret (once) to spare Elena. Then she saved Damon and had to live with a psychopath the second time!

She then had her life tied to Elena so that when she died Elena would live. How nice… how lovely. So now she’s the cause of Elena’s slumber. She’s the only one in the way of Elena and Damon’s love. Everyone is just waiting for her to die and she will never see her friend again… fantastic! How marvellous!

And don’t even get me started on her freaking love stories!

First they put her with Jeremy who was hot but I’m sorry he wasn’t the one. Age difference aside man was still in love with Anna (was that her name?) and didn’t give his whole heart to her. But whatever, I wasn’t sad when they broke up because I thought Bonnie had options! I thought my girl would get some with someone else.

Did she?

Did she?!

No!! Even though the actress was ready and willing.

Ah! This reminds me of Storm and how Halle Berry was like, “When is Storm gonna get some?” Yeah, when is she? In the comics she certainly does. Are y’all scared of seeing a black woman get some on screen?! Are you scared of us being happy!!

And then she got Enzo. At first I was like, eh? But then their relationship built… in flashbacks. They couldn’t even show us the development in real time and oh look, she’s dying again!!

*muffled screaming*

Then they sort all that out and there’s siren drama but they free Enzo and I’m like, “Finally, I don’t care what happens to you bitches as long as Bonnie and Enzo live happily together”. But no, the bitches couldn’t stand Bonnie being happy! They had to cause her pain so that she could solve all their problems… again!!!

Bonnie is the Pain of Vampire Diaries. She really was Nagato! She could easily have turned evil and decided to destroy them all because fuck them, like… what?!

I never got why she was bitter in the early seasons but by the end I got it. I understood.

I was so disappointed. The only main black character got treated so horribly. She literally found what she had been looking for romance wise with Enzo and they took that away.

Also Bonnie never got to have fun. She never got any wild and sexy scenes. Even though it was hinted at with Enzo she never got those scenes but Elena and Caroline though…

And you might be thinking, “Some people aren’t comfortable with sex scenes or romance scenes.” But Kat Graham was ready! She was like when is Bonnie gonna get some! (I can’t remember the interview I’m sorry, it was a while ago that I watched it).

*deep sigh*

This sounds extreme but that show made me realise that American TV still has biases against black people. It opened my eyes and once I saw it in Vampire Diaries I noticed it in other shows too.

It only takes one thing to open your eyes to reality.


Bonnie deserved better, you know it, I know it and the creators and writers of the show know it no matter what they say!

How dare they waste Kat Graham’s talent like that.

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