One Piece 1000!!!

My favourite shounen manga has reached it’s 1000th chapter! Can you believe it? Is that not a big milestone?! I mean imagine drawing that many chapters, forget writing but drawing that much. Not just drawing but creating a plot that keeps the audience engaged for 1000 chapters.

One Piece is the butt of many jokes amongst anime fans but it doesn’t bother me much. If you’re not into One Piece because it’s long, that’s fine, I’m not going to force you to watch it. But don’t try to get in the way of me enjoying it, because I will… thoroughly!!

I just love the story. It’s a pirate adventure story that had me hooked from episode ONE! It’s fun and silly and heartfelt. It takes you to big highs and also can leave you bawling in the corner over characters (Rosinante!!!!!)

It also tackles political issues without being preachy and references the real world in clever ways.

However, it’s not perfect. There are gags that are overdone and the female characters are walking boobs at this point, and they rarely get to throw hands, let them fight Oda, let them fight!!! Although, in this recent arc a whole bunch of women are getting to fight 😏 *puts fingers together* excellent…

So yeah, I love it and I am happy that I was here for this epic milestone. I’m glad that he got to achieve it and as One Piece winds down I hope he writes the ending how he wants to.

For more of my thoughts check out my YT video where I actually talk about the contents of ch.1000. Also, I made a mistake in the video and I correct myself in my description box (before you come for me).

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