My Book Has Been Republished!!

I had no idea that this was even a thing one could do. However a company, Great Writers Media, reached out to me and was like, “Would you like to republish your book for this price and you’ll get 100% of the royalties?”

At first I thought it was a scam… 100% but then I looked them up and they are a real company and it was not a scam. So I started the process and I paid to get one of my books republished, The Chief’s Revenge.

They’ve been so patient and helpful listening to what I wanted on the cover and changing anything that I did not like so overall it has been an enjoyable experience.

This is the book:

It is available on Amazon, costs £7.99 (paper back). Anything that costs more than that is from the first company I self-published with. I recommend getting the £7.99 version. It’s cheaper. And the kindle version is £3.39.

The cheaper price was another thing that attracted me to the company. They asked me how much I would like the book to cost and as someone who loves to read I just knew the original price of my books was too expensive for my target audience, teenagers to young adults.

Plus, when you’re a new author it’s hard to get people to buy your book when it costs over £20. They be looking at you like, “Girl… I don’t know.”

So I’m excited. I hope this release does well and I have been telling everyone and their mother about this release.

If you’re interested in checking out my book then I highly recommend buying the Kindle version. If you love reading physical books then it’s available on Amazon but also in Barnes and Noble in America (as the company I’m working with is American).

Share with others who may be interested in the book too.

If you do so and a lot of people buy my book then I’ll be able to release more books in the future (as traditional publishing houses will see I’m worth investing in) and actually make a living as an author which I have been trying to do since 2017 (2015 if you count my first release).

I still have my gofundme active. My gofundme is for me to be able to republish my first ever book that I published, A Classic Case of Deja Vu. Unlike The Chief’s Revenge, Deja Vu will be different. The story is the same but I edited it much better than I did last time. It actually amazes me how much better the story is now that I’m actually excited for people to read it. *happy sigh*.

With republishing you can edit your book before releasing it and add new scenes or take away anything you don’t like. Or you can polish the old a little. I polished The Chief’s Revenge a little but Deja Vu got a whole 80’s movie make over scene. As I said same story but told much better.

So yeah check out my gofundme as well if you wish to see A Classic Case of Deja Vu’s banging new look.

That’s it! That’s my news! Thank you for reading. And if you buy my book, thank you for the support.

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