Fruits Basket Season 3 | The Finale

They were doing so well! They had this series in the bag!

I mean episodes 1 to 4 were amazing.

They did the graduation of Motoko and Takei so well and Rin’s storyline?!?!?! Her’s was done to perfection, we got to explore all aspects of it and it was the perfect build up.

Then from episode 5 it was a downhill rush to the finish. How are we already at the stabbing incident? How!

My theory is that they ran out of money or corona got in the way so they had to quickly finish the series. I wish they would have waited if it was because of corona because Fruits Basket deserved to have it’s ending told right.

So I guess the manga still rains supreme. It is still the best telling of the story. I did think the anime was going to give it a run for it’s money but no, nothing beats Natsuki Takaya. She told the story in the best way possible and yeah, read the manga is basically what I’m saying.

I do like though that the anime got new people into Fruits Basket, that’s been fun to watch them enjoy it.

Any how I also did a YT video on this, super short because I am low key disappointed. I had been doing episode by episode videos but yeah I had to stop because it wasn’t worth it. So this me explaining why.

But am I tripping? Did you enjoy it? I’m asking the manga readers because I feel like the anime only watchers had no problems with the anime.

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