Maki Goes Off!! – I was waiting! (JJK Chapters 149 and 150)

I am writing this at 4 am and I should be sleeping but I know if I don’t get this out somehow I will map my thoughts out like I’m interviewing myself and I won’t sleep!! So I just need to gush about this recent Jujutsu Kaisen chapter because OMD! What?!?!

(I won’t post this straight away though so no I didn’t write it today the day of posting … this is pure Monday at 4am ramblings)

So as you know I recently finished the anime and have now read the manga and I am keeping up with it. So far, the manga has caused me nothing but pain… so much pain. However, this day there was a light at the end of the tunnel … at the end of a very gory tunnel.

I have to preface this with saying, I do not enjoy gory violence so the fact that I liked chapters 149 and 150 shows how good those chapters were.

I have been saying on Twitter that I think Toji should have ended the Zenin, deadass.

And if he didn’t want to kill them then he should have made it his life’s mission to torment them and to let them know how small they are and how powerful he is because I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THEIR BULLSHIT

I am sick of all the higher ups bullshit like…. those bitches!

Imagine talking to your daughters like that?

They’re not the failures, you are! You weren’t a good enough parent. I mean how did you not notice the Toji level potential in her?

Think about it! How many people were told they weren’t good enough in Zenin past and yet they had Toji potential? Can you imagine all the Jujutsu Sorcerers they could have had if they weren’t so stupid?

So, back to the chapters, I loved them but not all was good. Mai… we lost Mai and dude, that was so sad. She sacrificed herself for Maki but I wish it didn’t have to end that way. I was hoping they’d take them down together with both of them alive.

I know Mai is technically helping Maki take them down but that’s not the same!!

And Maki’s goal was to free Mai and Maki saying that she’s lost her heart…. *thug tears* that got to me.

So it made me even more happy that she wiped the floor with those useless men (and perhaps women in the future because the women may be just as bad I mean Maki’s mother wasn’t great). Yes, it was gory but she did it. For Mai.

I’m glad that they know that Toji let them live and that he could have very easily wiped them out. Because that’s the truth, Toji was a beast and I am still mad that he went after the star vessel blah blah but he made up for it in the Shibuya incident.

If they knew Toji let them live and they still didn’t fix up their lives, what were they doing? They saw what Toji became, did that not make them question other children within the Zenin clan who had the potential? Did they really not learn a thing from the time of Toji?

How stupid.

I’m not usually this harsh but the three clans and the higher ups are just as bad as Kenjaku. There are two villains in this story and it is them!

I did consider making YT video on this but I think I’ll talk about manga chapters on here and anime on YT. Occasionally, I may do both.

I’m thinking out loud.

Anyway, what was your favourite moment?

Mine was when Maki’s sperm donor felt the fear… I was giddy. I was so happy. I wanted her to unlock her potential (not like that though) and she did! Get it! Get it!

I wonder how the next battle is going to go. Apparently it’s going to be the last chapter for the Zenin clan strife so it should be good.

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