Packed Full May (Birthday Month) – Kpop of the Month

May has been packed full of so many comebacks. A lot of my favs came back this month and kept me busy, kpop wise, the whole month. And I also checked out more groups outside of my favs.

I found some gems!

It was a little overwhelming in the end but then I remembered I only talk about my favourite comebacks of the month and that took the pressure off.

As always this list is comprised of my personal favourites (this month) so if you don’t see your favourite on here it just means we have different tastes and you can always gush about your favourites in the comments. I welcome that.

So let’s get into it!

Wonho ft Kiiara – Ain’t About You

This is a break up song and is about someone who loves themselves a little too much. Their ex loves themselves a little too much. In the song they’re saying how they’re glad to be free from that ex but at the same time are missing them.

I would have liked if Kiiara’s verse had been a reply to Wonho’s verse instead of just a repetition. Or a counter to his words kind of like in Blu Cantrell’s ft Sean Paul – Breathe.

Melodically it is a nice song with good vocals. I have yet to be disappointed when it comes to Wonho. He stays winning and now has a cool collab under his belt. Their voices matched beautifully.

Yuqi – Giant

This song was perfect for mental health awareness month (May). It is a song about standing up despite your fears and despite what neigh sayers (haters) say. It’s about standing up against negative voices even if they be your own.

It’s moving and really got me to sit there and listen. I was touched.

The song is entirely in English and it just suits Yuqi so well. I already love her voice for how deep it is and so getting a whole song of just her voice was great for me, especially as I wasn’t expecting it.

The animation was really good for the mv as well. It went as deep as the lyrics. It reminded of D.O.’s It’s Okay.

Honourable Mentions

Now for some honourable mentions. I have more than usual this month so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I did have a lot written in my notes about some of these songs but I’ll table it because otherwise this post will be too long.

Bumkey ft Moonbyul – The lady. I love hearing Moonbyul sing and her voice goes well with Bumkey’s. It’s a nice jazzy number and soothing to listen to.

Ailee – Make Up Your Mind. Ailee is back and I couldn’t not comment on that, Ailee! I love her. This song is a standard pop song that is pretty easy listening. It’s also part of a pre-release album? That’s new. I liked the lyrics and how they expressed them in the mv.

Dreamcatcher Dami and Siyeon – Shadow. I’m breaking my own rules here as I’m supposed to only talk about title tracks but this song is so good! It’s an OST for Dark Hall? Some zombie movie or kdrama. I dunno, I zoned out when I figured out it was about Zombies *shudder*. I prefer the slow version, it hits harder for me. It’s packed with emotion and just ugh! *ascends*.

WJSN The Black – Easy. This song utilises the whisper singing that I enjoy. It’s sexy in an understated way and the mv had a solid story which I liked. I miss having stories in an mv and not a connected story, just a one off story. A stand alone narrative.

Keembo – Whatever. Fun fact: I loved Spica! I am so mad (not actually mad) that I did not know they came out with a song. Well, two of the original members, Boa and Bohyung. I missed them! *sobs*. The song is nice and chill with solid vocals (of course) and it fits the vibes of spring. The mv was cute too.

Baekhyun x Seomoontak – Hurt. I was not expecting Baekhyun to do a rock collab and I am not complaining. The song slaps. The vocals are top tier. It’s a powerful send off for Baekhyun (even though we are still waiting for the EXO comeback that includes Chanyeol and Baekhyun…).

Fromis_9 – We Go.  It’s a great transition song from spring to summer. I also really liked the mv concept of editing as you go. It made me think of The Matrix. A way to travel without travelling…

Heize – Happen. I really like her singing, it’s soothing. The beat is chill but we have the bass guitar jamming in the background and you know my love for bass. The mv has the concept of fate going on and I love it and the conclusion. A solid story.

*takes a deep breath* Phew! I did it. That was a lot. Can you believe I even cut some out?

Oneus – Black Mirror

So on a whim I decided to check out Oneus this month as I never have before. I’ve been checking out more groups in general to see what their music is like. Oneus was my favourite of those groups by far. I mean, I am surprised by how much I vibe with them.

It all started with Black Mirror. It is an A* song and quite honestly my favourite comeback this month. Yes, I said it!

I thought it would be a dark concept because of the title and was delighted to find I was wrong. It’s so fun!

The guitar goes off, the bass is kicking (again my love for bass shines through) and it’s funky! I love songs that have a funky vibe. It honestly got me grooving so fast and I then replayed the mv over and over the first day I heard it. It’s a song to dance your worries away to.

The dance goes with the song marvellously. It is just as fun and funky! I love that and you can see a little MJ influences too.

The lyrics talk about erasing the space between them and whoever they’re talking about. They want no walls to be between them.

Is the black mirror social media in verse one?

Taemin – Advice

Ending on a high note with the king of kpop himself, Taemin.

This comeback was not what I expected at all! The song started and immediately caught my attention. I was like, wait what? Let me restart.

I wasn’t ready.

I really like the distorted singing he does in the verses. At first I thought he wasn’t saying actually words or that it was  Missy Elliot type trick but then I saw the lyrics and listened and was like, no, he’s saying them in the right order (not backwards like Missy) but it’s a different way of singing that he hasn’t done before (that I’ve heard).

I love it. I honestly do. It’s a song that is not only fun to watch but fun to listen to. I like songs like that where they give my ears a treat.

His looks in the mv though. He went off. His stylist was like, “Listen you’re leaving for a while so you’re gonna look fierce. I don’t care. They gon remember you’re Taemin! Now, how do you feel about this crop top?” Cut to Taemin with a gleam in his eyes saying, “Yes, perfect.”

And who can forget the dance. The dancers went off, not just Taemin. I mean, they were serving! Who gave them the right!

I honestly wish they promoted this more but alas he is enlisted. *crying face*.  He’ll be back soon though don’t worry. I’ve been through enough enlistments and apart from the public service ones, they go by pretty fast.

So that’s it for May. It was a lot but for the most part I enjoyed it.

The last two posts I talked about NCT Dream’s comeback and how I was looking forward to it. I did enjoy their comeback. They kept me the most busy with their content tbh. But, I did not love their title track. The shouty element of the chorus irritated me but I like the pre chorus and other elements (it’s interesting that my friend loved the title track, she liked the beat, when she usually doesn’t like what I show her). The album is solid and I talked about it on my YT channel. My fav song on the album is Irreplaceable. 100%. It is exactly my vibe.

They’re coming back with a repackaged album soon, hopefully I’ll like this title track more. If I don’t they always have good B sides I can jam to.

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