My Photography Journey

This is a hobby and just a hobby.

In this day and age there’s this need to turn every hobby into a career. That’s fine for those who live that hustle life but for me I need hobbies that are just that, hobbies. Something relaxing for me to do and to enjoy.

So I have always liked taking pictures. It’s relaxing and lowkey.

I never really took pictures for other people, I’d take them and then admire them by myself. To be honest, the only people who would see my pictures would be my parents or those in them.

Then Instagram was invented and I started to share personal pictures on my private account as kind of a visual diary (?). I really like that aspect of Instagram where you just share photos and admire other people’s photos.

However as time passed I had a need to share my pictures on another account as I felt like it would get annoying if I started sharing a bunch of nature pictures on my private account.

So when I discovered that you can make a second account and link it to another account I was like *excellent* so I made kwitography and started sharing pictures on there. I did want to name it giftography but that was taken *sniff*.

So I get to upload nature pictures to my heart’s content on that account and I’m enjoying it. It’s nice to see the pictures in one place all edited and polished.

It’s provided me with the opportunity to figure out how to edit photos.

So I’m not a photographer. I am learning as I go, I definitely do not know everything there is to know about cameras and I still have a lot to learn about editing but that’s the fun of it for me.

I get to learn and to see the improvements with each picture. It makes me so happy when I get the perfect shot and edit it in a way that enhances it but keeps its original beauty.  

I used to think photography had to have people in it (as that was what I was told about my pictures, that they would be better if they had people in them) but honestly I don’t like capturing people. That’s someone else’s calling. I love capturing nature in all it’s forms.

I love capturing flowers, trees, waterfalls (which is what sparked this, when I took a picture of Niagara falls and it didn’t suck) and lakes and more.

I would also like to try astrophotography as I have been getting into astronomy and Astro physics.

I took this one picture of a full moon and it was so cool! If I get a better lens it will be even cooler! Eeek!!

So yes, this is what has been keeping me sane of late.

What about you? Have you discovered a hobby that you have no interest in turning into a career?

Note: the featured image is a picture I took at the botanical gardens in Birmingham (England).

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