My First Boy group Love

Now I have talked about my love for the boy group Blue. My love for them is still strong and they did make up a lot of my 2000’s. However, they were not the first boy group that I fell in love with, nope!

Despite living in England the first boy group I fell in love with was Backstreet Boys.

Yes that’s right! Backstreets back alright! *starts aggressively dancing*.

I have no idea where it came from and why I was so into them. I guess it shows that they truly were international stars in the 90’s and 00’s.

I have heard since then that they had this rivalry with NSYNC and I’m sorry to those who I’ll offend but NSYNC never came on my radar. I was so uninterested. I don’t even remember them in fact. I knew about Justin Timberlake but I did not know he used to be a part of a boy group. When I found out I was like, oh, he was in that?

I know, shocking.

It was more shocking for me to find out that Backstreet Boys were less popular than NSYNC. I was like really? But they were so cool and fun.

*sides eyes self*

It appears pre-teen Gift has made an appearance.

I’ve checked out their songs recently to see if there’s any I don’t know and there are but for the most part I know a shocking amount of their songs.

Even though they were my first boy group and I did love the songs I knew, I can’t say I was a die hard fan. I was a casual fan, an intense casual fan.  I consider myself a die hard fan of a group or person if I know their entire discography and like it.

But yeah I know a surprising amount of their songs and they are all bops! (Listen pre teen Gift is writing this, fight her).

Even though I want it that way is the most popular song for me my favourite of their hits is Everybody. It’s so fun and I love the music video (also it is sexy, something I did not pick up on when I was pre teen Gift believe it or not but the Vampire scene, madam! You are enjoying that a bit too much!! I mean… she could die). Ah the 2000’s, what a fun time.

Who was your first boy group, or alternatively first girl group or first mixed group because we had a lot of them in England (I’ve already talked about my love for S Club 7).

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