The Monster Within | Sanji One Piece



So in the recent chapters of One Piece Sanji has been activated. I always wonder how the poison Sora drank worked.

You see, they say the brothers Ichiji, Njii and Yonji are emotionless but they’re not. I think they were all affected by the poison but Sanji the most, then Yonji, then Niji and then Ichiji the least. This is going off of the way they interact with Sanji and how they conduct themselves.

Yonji is the most emotional and the most likely to fly off the handle. Niji hides it better but I feel like he is just as emotional as Yonji. Because if Judge’s science was to work completely on them they would be calm and rational, cold robots, but they’re not cold, they’re very emotional.

Anger, though a bad emotion, is an emotion.

Also, we’ve seen them show glee and excitement.

Ichiji is the most successful experiment. He doesn’t get riled up. He is cold and he is the most like a robot.

Now, I always thought that in the future the boys who thaw more and would get their emotions back and be filled with guilt.  I especially thought that would happen after they met Sanji and I have done a post on this subject so I won’t repeat what I said.

However, with these recent chapters I never thought Sanji would be affected by science in the way that he has been. I thought Sora’s poison cancelled out Judge’s science all together and that’s why he couldn’t hurt them and that’s why he didn’t need to be dinged out like you dinge out a bumper of a mashed up car.

Honestly, doesn’t the scene where Yonji gets fixed remind you of a mechanic working on a car?

So then, Sora’s poison was just to give Sanji emotions, to make sure that, that wasn’t taken away from him. That his will remained his own?

That was it?

So he’s still physically genetically modified and just a late bloomer? I always thought his leg going on fire was a One Piece quirky thing but nah, he can really do that because of his genetic modification?!


Now Sanji is thinking that he’s going to be a monster like his brothers but we all know he won’t. Despite the fact that Oda seems to be determined to ruin the character with the pervert troupe that I wish would die in manga Sanji is still a kind and caring character. Oda has never taken away Sanji’s kindness.

He may have taken away Sanji’s tactician mind and his dream of the All Blue but he hasn’t taken away his kindness. Thank goodness for the silver lining.

Thus Sanji is not a monster.

What makes his brother’s awful is the fact that they are essentially robots. Judge stripped them of their emotions so he’d have mindless but strong soldiers. That did not work on Sanji so he’s not emotionless. As long as he keeps that empathy and his emotions he’ll never be like them.

And as I highlighted earlier it’s more likely that they’ll become like him.

One Piece seems to have this theme of accepting who you are and turning it into your advantage. We see that with Robin and Chopper. They hated how they were portrayed as monsters but then they learned to use it for good.

Robin uses her ability to protect her crew and to protect and distribute knowledge to the people.

Chopper uses his ability and monster transformation to help his friends and to save people.

They both came to terms with what made them a monster in other people’s eyes and used it to their advantage, now it’s time for Sanji to do the same.

Sure, he’s like his brothers now but only physically. He can now protect many people. He can help his friends as he has always wanted to.

Plus, he’s missing a big pro. He can now stomp Judge to dust! He can beat him up with the very science he created! He can destroy the Germa nation with their own science… for Sora!! And for Sanji, as revenge!

Honestly, Germa is lucky Sanji is nice because that is what I would do. And I wouldn’t kill Judge, no, I’d leave him alive so he could look upon his fallen kingdom.

Then I would lock him up because he has committed many war crimes.

As you know if you’ve read my other post I don’t have beef with the brothers. I don’t see the point. Why blame the tool when the mechanic is at fault? They literally have no say and no choice in anything and it’s been that way since before their birth.

Also, someone I follow on twitter made the point of: why are people only ever mad at the brothers and not Reiju? She does the same things the brothers do. She also has probably killed multiple people but she has her emotions.

She still doesn’t have a choice though because Judge is a dictator. And because she has emotions she was able to free Sanji.

She’s no angel though and people forget that because she’s a woman and hot.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new chapter for Sanji. Hopefully we’ll get to see badass Sanji again *fingers crossed*.

Extra thoughts:

  • Zoro is definitely from Wano. Or at least is descended from the people of Wano. I mean, he looks exactly like Shimotsuki Ushimaru and uses the same sword style! He also is a one eyed swordsman like Ryuma! So juicy. Amma need Oda to stop teasing us and show us those three samurai. Poor guys. At least we know why Shimotsuki never came back now *sad face*. Honourable and bad ass till the end.
  • I totally thought that helmet was King’s face! I’m lowkey disappointed it’s not.
  • Robin’s fight with Black Maria… it was so good! I was so satisfied! Finally, a badass Robin fight! I can’t wait for it to be animated!!

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