Last but Not Least | Kpop of the Month

This is late… I know.

It has been a hectic December and a hectic January. Plus, I was without my computer for a while there.

So this is the last Kpop of the Month for 2021 and it is the last one in general. For 2022 I think I’m just going to write about the songs I like as they come.

Kpop of the Month has been fun as it’s forced me to check out new artists. But it’s also been a lot, keeping up with new releases, as life gets busy, is hard.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

NCT U – Universe (Let’s Play Ball)

The song is basically saying, “Girl, you are my universe”… with a lot of baseball metaphors. I wonder if they’re going to go through all the sports. They’ve already done Ice Hockey and now baseball… two down.

It’s fun and high energy. The beat is interesting, it feels like a meld of two beats together.

I think this song also has the best blend of singing, rapping and rap talking. It worked well and it didn’t feel awkward.

It’s my favourite out of the NCT title tracks for 2021. I have yet to check out the album because… yeah the end of the year was a mess.

Minzy – 기깔나 Fantabulous

It’s a fun song and just what I needed in December. There were so many ballads!

You know me and ballads.

So it was nice to have a song break up all the ballad energy and sad winter blues.

It’s nice to see her having fun too. I love to see her succeed.

Also, the return of rapper Minzy! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her. *reminisces about 2ne1*.

It is a shame they weren’t able to do more in the MV.

Honourable Mentions:

Moonbyul ft Mirani – G999. It’s fun and cute. I love a 90’s style song. They have good chemistry. Also, Moonbyul has really been on it of late.

GSoul – Natural. It’s nice and peaceful. The kind of slow jam I like.

Hyolyn – Aha

Did someone say summer Christmas song? Did someone say, give us a song that encapsulates Christmas in Australia?

Whoever that someone is, thank you!

I am finding that I am loving Christmas songs that do something different. Whether it’s give a different perspective like Christmas EveL or give me summer vibes like Aha.

The song is warm in both vibes and the music video. The colour pallet, the cute energy between her and the dancers, all of it, warm like hot chocolate.

The lyrics are about a crush, having a crush. It’s cute and cheery and I love it.

That is it for this month. We ended on a short note but you can blame the ballads for that.

I hope you had a lovely holiday season and you’re having a good 2022 so far. If not, I hope your 2022 gets better and your wishes come true.

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