It Pays to Be Ugly (by Warabihime’s Standards) | Demon Slayer S2Ep3


What an episode!

Ok, elephant in the room, I’m a tad late. In my defence, the holiday season was hectic, fun and a mess so I really didn’t get much done and I didn’t watch anime because I wasn’t home (visiting fam).

But all that is done now, so on with Demon Slayer!

The last episode left me on a cliff-hanger with Inosuke turning on spy mode.

I was worried.

Worried for nothing! Honestly, it’s like I forgot who Inosuke is.

So he’s out here spying on the demon and lo and behold, it actually was the demon, the proper one. I legit thought she was a red herring… is that the term?

So sis is interrogating Makio and asking all them questions and I’m like… “She’s gagged, how the hell is she supposed to answer you!” Yes, that’s what I was mad about. Such illogical logic, like when a parent/guardian beats you and asks why you’re crying *eye roll*.

Then Zenny! He has demon encounter number two!

Side note: he honestly has the worst luck. He’s like Scooby and Shaggy, he attracts what he fears.

She was so quiet even he couldn’t hear her! Maybe that’s why Uzui was having trouble pinning her down. That and she’s an upper six.

This episode proved Zenny can be brave whilst awake and he is kind. I knew that already but it was nice to have such a solid moment of him standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves.

The owner though… why did she confront the demon? You know what you do when you see a demon? You run, or you pray, or you pray and run. Those are your only options!

Side note: follow my advice.

What was that knife going to do?!

Tickle her, that’s what.

So we know who the demon is, Warabihime… I’m not going to lie. I was hoping they’d string us along longer… tease us a little. Give us a little bit of mystery because it was mad obvious she was the one.

The way she switches up though when it’s time for customers. I… that skill.

Do you call them customers? Patrons? I think it’s patrons.

Then we end on another cliff-hanger, Zenny gets taken!

Not my beautiful child!

Moments that tickled me:

The fact that Tanjirou was having a grand old time in his house, cleaning to the point that the madame was like, “Rest… please, rest. I have no more work to give!”

Inosuke almost thought through an attack instead of just barrelling in. The situation was so tense it had him being logical… I can’t *cackles*.

Life is good when you’re ugly by Warabihime’s standards. Not a tickle me moment but just a moment that had me thinking. Poor Omitsu.

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