Whoever Survives Wins | Demon Slayer S2Ep4


I do love that of late they’ve been showing the strengths of all three of the boys. In this episode we saw that Inosuke does actually pay attention. He knew how to check his rank and that they’d moved up.

It amazes me though that Tanjirou never thought to question them giving him a tattoo.

Also, doesn’t that make it easy for demons to tell who is a slayer and who isn’t?

But then again, it’s not like the slayers hide, they’re more of the “Come at me bro!” type heroes. *thinks back to Tanjirou calling Akaza a coward and smiles from the heart* For Rengoku! *she whispers fiercely*.

So the episode started off sweet with Koinatsu and Tanjirou… so I knew she was going to die. There was no way she was going to survive. Then miss ribbon came along and said she was pretty and I knew… it was over.

She’s kind of like a leopard though, hoarding her kills to snack on later.

It’s such an interesting power. She like absorbs them into the ribbon… and they become part of the tapestry? Fascinating…

I have no more notes… I think I got distracted or sucked in to the episode.

But what Uzui said at the beginning when he realised Zeni’tsu was taken struck with me. He wasn’t like, “To die is an honour” or “Die like men!” or something heroes usually said. Nah, he was like, go home. This is too dangerous for you. You win by surviving.

I like that mentality.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Mild Spoiler Warning

It kind of reminds of Megumi. He was always ready to die but when he actually switched the script and tried his best to survive, he unlocked his potential.

Hmm, a cross manga reference.

Moments that tickled me:

  • The muscle mice. How did Uzui train them?! How!
  • Koinatsu knowing all along that Tanjirou was a boy. That was cute. Their whole interaction was cute.

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