Ribbon Dance | Demon Slayer S2Ep5


Uzui finally found one of his wives! The last wife to be introduced to us, Hinatsuru.

She did her best, she fought the good fight and was even going to take herself out when she realised she’d been made. A real one. But as Uzui said, to survive is to win so he had the antidote, yay!

I thought she’d be our first causality, I’m not gonna lie, so I was surprised when it didn’t go that way.

Tanjirou and his breathing technique, Hinokami Kagura, we finally got more of it and he’s been workshopping some moves! They’re pretty cool. He has been trying to train in it but it’s difficult. He can only do it when he has a fever and he can’t do consecutive attacks.

It looks dangerous.

So when he masters it, it’ll be epic… right?

Side note: I still love Zenny’s the most. I love how he crackles and how you can feel the building pressure when he’s about to attack… eek!

He is having a harder time of it though as he has to teach himself the technique. It can be done but most times things are easier when you have a teacher, as Piper pointed out in Charmed to Billie. Or like the first Avatars learned in ATLA/LOK. It’s hard being the first or the first after being cut off from your ancestors.

The fight gave me anxiety though. I just sat there like, why is he fighting an upper sixth!

Tanjirou spits in the face of fear!

Although, I do like that they show when he is scared and that he isn’t ready and that his fighting skills are lacking. It’s nice to see real human struggles in the fight.

I feel like he’s putting too much burden on himself, kind of like Scott in Teen Wolf, like you’re part of a team. You don’t have to do everything alone.

Inosuke also got a time in the spotlight. His hunch was right and he found the underground layer. So he has instinct and intuition.

I would like to see how Inosuke trained. He was alone right? I bet it’s interesting.

Will all three of them have to teach themselves as they’ve all lost their masters? (Tanjirou’s water master, , is still alive yes but he has no fire master).

Back to the ribbon worm’s meat locker. We found the other two wives! Makio and Suma are alive! Yay! Again, I had written them off as dead.

They also freed all the other snacks… I mean people.

We also finally got to see Uzui in action! I’d been waiting! It is fitting that he is the sound hashira given his flashy-ness. However, he’s also capable of being incredibly quiet.

I’ve seen people talking about how Uzui is the sound hashira and Zeni’tsu is sound based so they’re suited for each other. One of the wives, I think Makio, also made a small connection between the two… or wait, was it the ribbon worm? I think it was the worm? I guess I’ll have to watch the episode again to refresh my memory… *sigh*.


Also, I realised in this episode, it was the ribbon worm who interrogated Makio. The lips… they gave her away!

The next episode promises to be flashy!

I’ll write better notes of my thoughts next time because wow… what even are these!

I watched the episodes last week and I’m only just now writing up my thoughts… don’t judge me. I’m behind on a lot.

I’m back from rewatching the episode! You’re lucky because it helped me to flesh out this post. And yes, it was the Worm. It noticed two sounds from above and below, Zenny and Uzui… *strokes chin* interesante.

Moments that tickled me:

Actually I just thought this was amazing. Inosuke can dislocate all his joints and essentially move like a worm… what?! Amazing skill.

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