It Pays to Mind Your Business | Demon Slayer S2Ep6



What a fight!

What revelations!

So we jump right back to the fight between Warabihime and Tanjirou. The ribbons are returning to her, rather aggressively I might add, probably because Uzui murked them.

Then man comes out of his house to tell them to shut up and not make noise and Tanjirou’s nightmare comes true… human casualties.

Like, man couldn’t have looked out a window first before stepping outside his door. You see a boy with a sword fighting a woman in a bikini and you think, “Yes, I should stick my nose in.” Where was his critical thinking?!

I feel sorry for them but I feel more sorry for Tanjirou that he got clueless civilians. This is two for two, it’s like the people in the Entertainment District don’t want to survive.

You know, I’d pretend to sleep after having checked what was going on through my window. It pays to mind your business.

Moving on, it is so nice that Shinjuro sobered up and contacted Tanjirou to apologise. I’m so glad he’s snapped out of it. Oh, and Tanjirou is writing regularly to Senjuro (for four months)! *clutches heart* If I didn’t already see Mugen Train and know Tanjirou’s inner world this would prove to me what an angel he is.

However, this angel don’t play. Don’t mess with the people he’s protecting! No sir, no ma’am!

He went off at Warabihime. He was so mad the cells inside her were shook!

Side note: Tanjirou’s ancestor is sexy though… just me who’s thinking this?

But, plot twist, that mark on his forehead is not a birthmark but a burn scar… so he’s not naturally suited for the sun fire technique… what does this mean?! (Rhetorical question… I’ll find out). But he was speaking the words of his ancestor… that’s got to mean something… there are too many coincidences!!

His eyes!

I was so worried for him! Even though I was thinking, “It’s too early for him to die,” I was still worried.

His siblings though, they’re the real ones. They’re not going to let being dead stop them from saving their brother. Like, “Breathe fool!” And that saved him.

All whilst I was watching this I was thinking, “Where the hell is Uzui?” He’s meant to be mad fast and it’s taking him that long to get to the fight? What?

Unless, the fight was happening really fast and it just seemed like Uzui was taking forever because of the tension.

Side note: why didn’t he carry Zenny and Inosuke on his back? It would have saved time.

But he was gone long enough for Nezuko to pop out and cause some damage!

Nezuko went off! Like Tanjirou, she’s a sweety but if you cross those she loves, it’s over for you. However, as their brother said they tend to neglect themselves when fighting for others… I get that. We also see that clearly with Tanjirou… dude, your eyes were bleeding!

Let me stop.

Anyway, I’m not going to lie, at first I lowkey loved Nezuko v Warabihime.

She transformed! She got vine patterns on her body and she can heal as fast as an upper level demon. She got a horn! She bit through her bamboo gag… I feel like that was symbolic.

What was the bamboo gag actually doing? I forgot the purpose of it (I’m actually asking).


This episode left me with some questions. Actually, only one. I’ve never been curious about Muzan’s origin and sob story because I don’t believe he has a sob story. But now, I’m curious about his origin and history with the Kamado’s. Why do they have him so shook? And why did sexy ancestor Kamado fail?

Because if Muzan is alive he failed right?


Moments that tickled me:


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