My Wish Came True | Demon Slayer S2Ep7


Like I said in my last post, I lowkey loved Nezuko going WWF on Warabihime… at first.

That smile after she snapped Warabihime’s leg! It was so satisfying. And then burning her… ooh. She did not hold back.

But as I mentioned in the last post, the dead siblings of Tanjirou and Nezuko won’t let them die, at least not before their time, and they won’t let Nezuko lose her soul… which she was about to do.

That’s when the fight stopped being fun. When she lost it so much she was about to eat a human.

So, I guess we can’t have badass Nezuko… she’ll just turn evil if she super saiyans. I was disappointed but it makes sense for the story. Demons are inhuman and their powers are linked to that. Tanjirou wants to save the human part of her. I did think she could use the powers without losing herself but this episode proves that not to be true.

So it does make me think. If Tanjirou dies, will she lose it?

Side note: Did Warabihime get trapped in a fire or something? She seems to have a lot of fire trauma.

Finally, Uzui arrived on the scene and not a moment too soon! He might be late but he’s not too soon.

Till the end she kept with the huh? It was honestly so amusing. He killed her so easily it was sus.

Before I get into that, Uzui says what we’re all thinking, “You advocated for her, so calm her down bro!” He obviously didn’t say it like that. But honestly, it was embarrassing.

I should mention, for context if you haven’t seen my YT video, I was team kill Nezuko in season one. I know, I can see you picking up the rotten tomatoes but how do you reverse demonification? You don’t! If it were me, I would have let Giyu kill her.

But that might be the African in me speaking.

Anyway, force doesn’t stop her but gentleness does… which was lucky. I just worry about that method. I feel like they’re going to need a better system to bring Nezuko back to sanity.

So back to the main foe, my wish of Warabihime being a red herring was met. I can’t believe it! Sis, was not the powerful one! Her brother is, who emerged from her spine… Gyutaro.

How annoying.

The twist isn’t even what is annoying… she is. She’s the annoying one. I couldn’t stand it when she started whining and crying for her brother, like sis, buck up!


They’re both annoying, the siblings, but I bet they have an interesting back story. Although, I did feel like they mirrored Tanjirou and Nezuko in a way… except Nezuko isn’t as whiney.

Also, why are they one? Does he stay in her all the time and never emerges? What deal did he make with Muzan to make sure that she never found out she was a weak ass demon?

We finally get to see Uzui fight… yes! I’ve been looking forward to this.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not into huge muscles so I wasn’t into him when he first showed up, but as time passes he gets hotter. His serious face in a fight, his long hair, and his weird personality. He may be winning me over.

Moments that tickled me:

  • It was cute that Nezuko turned into a baby and went to sleep, cute and amusing.
  • Zenny is surprisingly functional asleep.
  • Instead of deescalating the situation Uzui adds fuel to the fire, “I have three wives too”… bruh!

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