I Wasn’t Born With It, I Worked For It | Demon Slayer S2Ep10


Episode two of Tanjirou being way too hard on himself. I will fight him, I don’t care how hard his forehead is. Stop being mean to yourself!

It’s a good thing his siblings stay ready to guide him. They have his back. They did shorten that sequence in the anime though, I feel like they said more in the manga… his brother popped up… or am I mixing up pep talks.

Gyutaro likes ugly things and Daki likes beautiful things. It reflects how they are on the outside. He was ridiculed for being ugly and so he saw the beauty and value in his ugliness because he… wait, that’s the next episode.

Anyway, I love, love, LOVE, that the mark all sun users get isn’t a birth mark but an effort mark. I love the message Gotouge is sending.

The scar isn’t something you’re born with but something you earn with effort and hard work. It comes from the burning passion and strong will. Because let’s be honest anyone else would be dead by episode ten.

I mean, his fingers were bent useless. They looked like they had no circulation!

So yeah, he earned that scar.

It also explains why there aren’t a lot of sun users. It is a difficult style to master, man almost died.

I love that they worked together to take down Gyutaro/Daki. Team work makes the dream work.

But can we have a moment for Tengen?! He had one hand and he still fought with two swords! He was poisoned and he stopped his heart to slow down the progress of the poison!

Mad respect.

He’s beautiful and he is a beast.

And the fight with Gyutaro though! It was so beautifully animated and ugh! I love it. I love what they’re doing with Demon Slayer. This is exactly why I love the anime the most.

We finally got to see how his sound manifested. I thought we’d already seen it and that he was basically super noisy when he fights. His fighting style is loud and flashy, like him.

But no, that’s not why he is the Sound Hashira. He’s the Sound Hashira because he makes music out of his enemy’s moves.

That was cool.

I kind of want to see him fight more just to see more of his style.

Tengen spin off when? Gotouge, I’m ready when you are.

Then they ended the episode with another cliff-hanger but, if you’ve read my episode nine post, they didn’t get me this time mwahahahaha!

Moments That Tickled Me:

Tanjirou gets his hard head from his mother. I wonder who was the first hard head. How did they discover they had a hard head gene?

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