The Episode That Drove Me to the Manga | Demon Slayer S2Ep9


Why is it that Tengen thinks he’s going to hell. Sir, no!

We find out that he lives his life to the fullest to honour his brothers. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if the mangaka makes a spin off for Tengen… I will read it! I am down!

In this episode things looked dire. They were really struggling. Gyutaro was putting them through it! And when they started the flash backs of Hinatsuru proposing retirement I thought, “Damn, she’s about to die.”

For once, in anime/manga, she didn’t. Colour me surprised.

Then we have my child Tanjirou being like, he needs to be of use. Sir, you’ve done enough! You have done a lot! Your efforts have not been in vain. Hold that chin up.

He’s too hard on himself.

He put what his master taught him to good use in this episode. He learned the water style and it’s not just about how to sword fight but a way of life, a philosophy. He taught Tanjirou how to be flexible and adaptable, and with that Tanjirou figured out how to modify the water style and the sun style so that it suited his body.

When I say it was so cool when he mixed the two together! I sat there like, “There’s my boy! Do it! End them!”

He noted that that is probably how all the styles came to be, from people modifying them to suit them. Which is interesting, I wonder what was the first branch off the sun style. Is there an earth style? We’ve had fire, water… ooh we haven’t had air.

It’s a shame Inosuke’s beast style doesn’t have cool animation like the other styles. However, he did get to lead the three fold attack! I was so proud…

… But I knew…

I knew!

They were about to do something shady. No way do things go that well so quick. But to be stabbed like that!

My heart.

Then my boy Tengen lost his hand…

My chwest!

Zenni trapped in rubble…

I have never ran to the manga so fast.

When I say I pulled up my Shonen Jump app with a quickness!

So I read the remainder of the Entertainment Arc after this episode. I couldn’t take it anymore. You can’t leave me on such a cliff-hanger and expect me to be ok with it!

It’s lucky there is a manga, imagine if there wasn’t and I just had to wait, such week for an update.

Oh wait, I do know that feeling. *stares at JJK* (it’s the manga keeping me most on edge… although, after Shibuya, I think I’m good).

This post is also late because of my best friend, procrastination. I wrote my notes in time but did I type them up? Nope.

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