Movies That Kept Me Over the Holidays

I’ve watched a lot of movies this winter break but I never got a chance to write reviews about them. So I’ll do short sound bites of my thoughts for all the movies I saw.

Some are new, some are old, there will be spoilers.


Everyone and their mother has watched this movie. Me and my cousin decided to get Disney Plus over Christmas and I saw this movie being advertised.

I didn’t want to watch it at first as I knew nothing about it and it didn’t seem like my style. But then one day we decided to watch it and omd! I am so glad I did, so glad!

It is such a beautiful movie.

It made me cry! I ended up watching it multiple times and yet each time Dos Oruguitas came on I cried.

What is in that song! It is so hauntingly beautiful.

It got to me.

I know we’re mad at Abuela and me too, I was mad at her. It hit a little close to home. Not that my grandma was like that, no she was an angel on Earth, but I have experienced that from family. So I stayed telling Mirabel to forget them all and leave them (I thought she was an adult but even so when she’s grown she can leave) and Bruno! I was ready to fight for him.

He had a plate next to the dinner table. Can you imagine!

That’s loyalty I don’t have.

But his song bangs. I am addicted to the song. It is such a good soundtrack. The best since Moana.

Anyway, yes, I was mad at Abuela and I was scared for Mirabel when she shouted at her. But Mirabel was right and then the house crumbled and then she ran off and Abuela apologised!

We love to see growth. It is never too late for you to grow.

Then we saw the flashback again but this time we saw it all in painful detail. At the beginning of the movie Abuela glossed over the horror of it somehow but when Dos Oruguitas was playing… it was so raw.

It was then that I realised how deep Abuela’s trauma was. I knew it was there but I didn’t truly understand it till that moment. She watched her husband die and then had to carry on.

That takes strength and we see that strength in that sequence. We also see that she’s been half of what she was when he was alive. It’s like a part of her died with him.

I also think she created the miracle, her and Pedro. It’s just the way the candle was formed as she cried in pain. She was crying so she didn’t see but I think they created it together. It has butterflies on it too, which I think symbolises him.

Which is why Mirabel doesn’t have an active power either, like Abuela. She’s the next matriarch.

Ugh, such a good movie. I could go on but I’ll stop here.

Oh and Antonio is the cutest child to ever be featured in an animated movie. He is my son.

Sleepless In Seattle

This movie tried to convince me that Meg Ryan should break up with a perfectly good man, Bill Pullman, just to date some random guy, Tom Hanks, she heard on the radio.

Are you kidding me?!

This is the great rom com?!

When Harry Met Sally is better, even You’ve Got Mail but this one, nope!

I was sitting there like, “Sis, he is a widow. This is probably not going to end in happily ever after.”

And let’s speak on him being a widow. No one in this movie seems to be mindful of that. It’s been a year fam, a year! And he was madly in love with her.

They want me to believe he was ready for love when at the beginning of the movie he can’t even sleep because of his grief?

He didn’t need a woman he needed a therapist. That is who his son should have called.

Speaking of his son, what lies. What about the child’s grief? They just erased it and said, “No, he’s going to want his Dad to replace his Mom asap.” *rolls eyes*

Side note: can children really go to New York alone?

Also, why was Annie with Walter if he was so boring and had allergies. So what if he had allergies! Just give him some allergy pills and be on your way. You had cold feet because the relationship was boring.

Relationships are boring! When they leave the infatuation stage it’s boring and a lot of work. You need to choose to be with your partner every day.

(When I say boring I don’t mean boring, I think they had a comfortable relationship but she thought it was boring, hence I used the word but really their relationship was probably reaching the second, plain sailing, stage. I just didn’t get what was so bad about them having similar interests and agreeing. They wanted me to be ok with her emotionally cheating by painting Walter in a bad light but it didn’t work).

I feel like this movie did not understand what love is. It felt like Serendipity but I liked Serendipity better because at least that was the whole purpose of that movie, to explore what would happen if love was left to chance and was based on moments.

Tom Hanks can get it though. Just thought I’d add that.

Table 19

This is the most recent movie that I’ve watched.

It felt like The Breakfast Club but at a wedding.

Do not watch this, I hated it and my friend hated it.

It has this all star cast but the plot was really thin. And the takeaway of the movie was not great. Like, that was the guy she picked? They did nothing to sell me on the fact that he was a good guy… nah.

Doctor Strange

We watched this in time for the second movie.

His movie was the only one I hadn’t watched, so it was about time. Plus, since Infinity War, End Game and No Way Home… my curiosity was peeked.

It was such a good movie! It had a nice solid structure and it really sets up the second movie well. I don’t know how Doctor Strange fans have been waiting.

Also, I don’t hate Stephen. He’s an interesting character and not a complete jerk like I thought he was going to be.

It works really well as a stand alone movie. A lot of Marvel movies you have to watch everything else to get but with Doctor Strange it works on its own and I like that.

I did not expect the twist with the Ancient One though, how did she not see she was a hypocrite? And the forming of a villain? Hmm… I did not see Mordo coming. Again, this is another Marvel subsection I knew nothing about before watching the movie.

I can’t wait for the second movie!

I can’t remember the other movies I wanted to talk about so I’ll end it here.

It feels good to get things done. I’ve had so many post ideas but I haven’t done them. It’s been an impromptu hiatus.

But I’m back!


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