Treat Others How You’d Like to be Treated | Demon Slayer S2Ep8


So in this episode we learned more about Uzui and his background. I’m not going to lie, I thought we’d get more. From the title sequence I thought we’d get a whole flash back episode and instead of telling us what happened to his clan they’d show us.

I was a little disappointed it wasn’t in detail.

I’d like to know more about the Hashira dammit! Even if they die I’d like to know them. They’re such cool characters.

Tengen’s back story is mad interesting on its own. The shinobi being eradicated in the Edo era and yet his family survived. He lost all his siblings. It hardened his father’s heart and his brother’s heart! Come on! That’s so interesting!

If the mangaka ever wants to do a spin-off of Tengen’s life, I am down.

Learning about his father also explains why Tengen is the way he is and why he encourages people to live to their fullest because he sees that human beings are not just tools.

He spoke to me.

I really needed Tengen to pop into my life.

I know most people like him because he’s hot but his philosophy is interesting to me. He would be the best bro.

It was also interesting to learn that Ubuyashiki was not born blind. I also thought the marks on his forehead were birth marks and part of his power. So now I’m curious, what are they? Why did he go blind? (Don’t answer).

Also, it seems Tengen shares my love for Rengoku. My love! My sweet! And a good role model. We lost him too soon.

Zenni! He can talk whilst he is sleep fighting! Did he do that before. I don’t remember him talking (apart from saying his attack) before. Ribbons was going off about how women are treated as objects and the ugly are deemed worthless and Zenni was like you shouldn’t treat others the way you were treated.

That’s a whole coherent conversation!

I was shook.

Back to Daki, she has a point. In this world beauty is what is valued and the standards of beauty are always changing. It’s annoying and damages women the most.

Ultimately though, I agree with Zenni. You shouldn’t treat others the way you were treated. If you know how painful it is, why would you want to put someone else through that pain?

But as the saying goes, hurt people hurt people, so I guess Daki falls into that section.

Hinatsuru really came in for the clutch. She said, so what if I’m poisoned. So what if I can barely throw hands. I will help!

Poisoned kunai, nice…

So yeah, those are all the thoughts I wrote down as I was watching the episode. Did I watch the episode in time, yes. Did I write this post in time, no. Why? Procrastination.

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