Healing Touch of Fire | Demon Slayer S2Ep11


Can you believe season two is over already?!

I swear I blinked and it was finished.

My friend told me it was going to be only half a season’s worth of episodes because we got those extra Mugen Train episodes and I was like, nah. Then she was right!

Honestly, I would have rather had the next arc than the extra Mugen Train episodes because then what was the point of the movie?

Also, this season could have totally been a movie. Get Koyoharu Gotouge her money! That movie would have sold out, especially with the thirst trap that is Uzui.

My man…

He really warmed up on me. At first I wasn’t swept in the hype but then his personality won me over. I love him! It was when he was taunting Gyutaro like dude… *chuckles* he is the best.

I was really worried he would die just as I was starting to like him but thankfully Gotouge decided to spare me trauma so close after my love, my husband, my shining light, Kyojuro…

Someone pointed out that Akaza was calling Kyojuro by name… his first name… he really wanted him to join the demon corps, huh? *strokes chin*

After this season I am definitely reading the manga because my curiosity can’t take it anymore! I need to read the whole story!

Plus, who knows when the next season will be out. I don’t want them to rush either and I’d like the animators to not have too much pressure so… I’ll be patient and wait for season three but manga… I’m coming for you!

So this last episode was chill. It was basically the aftermath of the battle.

Nezuko really came in for the clutch. She saved them all from Gyutaro’s trump card because wow. Imagine…

They really destroyed the whole entertainment district fighting them as well. I was going to ask if anyone got caught in it but then they answer that in the episode.

How Tanjirou or any of them aren’t dead is a miracle.

Speaking of miracles or interesting powers, Nezuko. Her demon powers healed them… how? By definition would they not work on normal humans? Is it because she was only targeting the demon poison?

Then seeing how demon poisoning looked on them made me think that perhaps Ubuyashiki Kagaya was poisoned by a demon… perhaps that is what is making him sick.

Then there’s Gyutaro and Daki, we got their back story.

It’s interesting that for once someone doesn’t regret their life choice. Gyutaro doesn’t regret the path he chose and would choose it again… interesting. The image of heaven and hell, with the colour gradient and the light shining behind Daki… it was all so good.

It was also interesting that Daki appeared in how she looked as a human whereas Gyutaro appeared as how he looked as a demon.

If Tanjirou ran a counselling centre for demons he would solve the worlds problems in a bloodless manner.

So, Tanjirou for president.

Or they should all take a trip into his inner world, if they don’t burn on impact, and be cleansed by his pure spirit.

Moments That Tickled Me:

  • Zenny getting filled in on what happened after the fight. It must be scary to wake up with a broken leg and to the sounds of your friend’s heartbeat fading… hmm this isn’t so light. Next one!
  • Uzui not getting to say his final words because Suma wouldn’t shut up. That was frustrating and funny… imagine if it had ended like that!
  • Obanai showing up late with no apology… he doesn’t like my child?! Funnily I thought I would simp for him when I first saw the Hashira. Who knew Kyojuro would take my heart… but then again there’s still time.

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