Music Corner: Wonho – Eye on You

I am becoming a fan of Wonho the same way I became a fan of Chungha. Slowly but surely, with each comeback he reels me in.

He knows exactly what I want!

He has that grown and sexy vibe going for him and this one… ooh it was sexy.

Normally, for me, Wonho has this well built body and looks super manly but then he has this adorable face so it’s like two different vibes. His body will say, “How you doing?” but his face with say something cute. However, with this comeback the focus was on his face and it delivered.

Sure, there were shirtless moments but they weren’t the focal point… more like a tease.

His face however, his acting, he really leaned into this time and I felt it. I felt the sexiness and the seduction he was laying down. So this song may be the sexiest one for me.

My favourite outfit in the music video was the black one with the cropped hoodie. He was serving the most then.

The song itself is in keeping with his vibe. He sings softly, he’s not the type to belt it but to softly sing to you. That soft voice can be sweet or, like in this song, sultry. He really played to that quality in his voice and it added to the seduction in the lyrics.

Because those lyrics though! Sometimes in kpop the song will sound sexy and the music video will be mad sexy but then you’ll look up the lyrics and it’s totally tame. Thankfully, Wonho did not do this to me.

The lyrics talk about how he needs their touch and needs them close. They just want to be consumed with each other and immersed with each other… in a sexual context.

Him and Hyolyn really are giving me my sexy anthems.

So yeah, I really liked this song and really enjoyed the live stages. I love that this time he danced with female dancers and the dance matched the vibe of the song… they actually danced with each other.

He delivered on all fronts.

Honourable mention: another song I really enjoyed this first part of the year is Song Soowoo’s Love Me or Hate Me.

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