The Seventeen Show – F*ck My Life

I wasn’t going to talk about this but I really loved the MV.

Given the title I thought the song was going to go in a totally different direction than it did. When looking at the lyrics of the song they’re talking more about fighting for your life. You can also see that written in the mv at certain moments.

Instead of becoming numb and giving in to the shittiness of life, they’re saying, hey, don’t give up and fight for your life in this world. The world be trying it but it won’t succeed.

Then, the reason I love the mv is because it’s The Truman Show!

I recently watched the movie because it is quoted so much in American media. After I watched the movie I saw why (I did write a post about it somewhere on here).

He’s an orphan, I can’t remember if he was adopted by the government or by a media company. I think it’s the latter and he basically doesn’t have any agency. He doesn’t know it though. He doesn’t know his parents and his whole world is fake. He doesn’t know he’s being filmed so that others can be entertained. He doesn’t know he’s become this social experiment.

How would you know if it’s never been pointed out to you? One person does and it sparks a chain of events where he notices strange things in his world.

You can see that in Seventeen’s video. They won’t let Wonwoo get on the bus (which was so rude, at first I was like now hold on!), the star constellations, they were off and that one section that was raining by the bus stop when it was raining nowhere else.

You can see them trying to escape after they’ve noticed things are wrong but they can’t because the actors around them actively try to stop them.

They almost had Vernon.

The mv is more obvious than the movie. Oh wait! It wasn’t just the girl that tipped him off, in The Truman Show, it was also the light fixture falling down from “the sky”. Ah yes!

Yeah, the mv is more obvious to show you that they’re in a fake world. But in the movie until the light incident it was honestly so good how they covered it up. it was creepily good. *looks around*.

I find The Truman Show also speaks to the celebrity experience, especially for kpop idols. They are constantly watched and have to keep this image all the time.

I know everyone talks about it these days but they don’t get to be normal people. In some ways it is inevitable because it’s in the name ‘idol’ something perfect that is meant to be worshipped. However, they are people, ordinary human beings, so I would like to see them break out of the constraints like they do in the mv.

The mv is just as uplifting as the song.


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