I Like People

I do. Don’t get me wrong there have been times where I have really disliked people. This world is a dangerous place and not everyone has the best intentions at heart. I mean I watch a lot of crime dramas; you’d be shocked at what people do but more on the why. But enough on …

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Colourism – A Global Problem

There is colourism in the black community. It's quite upsetting actually. I've even seen it within my family. There are light brown people in my family and there are dark brown people in my family. We share a family resemblance (I'm talking about one side in particular) and yet they'll talk about the lighter folks …

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The Glow Up

I am sure many of you are familiar with this term. It refers to when someone upgrades their look or improves their life. You’ll often get a before picture and then a years later after picture where someone has “glown” up. Or sometimes it’s instant, like someone will get a makeover or you get make …

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