Uncharted Skies, Endless Seas

Empty and clear Blue and light The only obstruction being clouds But they too are free They move with the wind, never in one place for long   Expressive in its emotion With each flash of light And shadow of darkness I know where I stand Never in doubt about the intentions of the above …

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Colours on My Wall

Ahead of me light streams in Reminding me that a day has begun again Bringing life to all the corners, all the dark places And at night the fading light reminds me That I too should be fading   To my left are gifts of art from friends gone There are reminders to eat right …

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Flowers Bloom painting the bleak desolate landscape   Trees Bloom giving flesh to the bones of winter   The Days Lengthen no longer trapped by darkness am i   Creatures Awaken no longer are we the only ones awake   Songs Burst Forth on colourful wings they bring the glad tidings of Spring  

Sa Yeon

Sister A sister who broadened my horizons You showed me a world I did not know   Artist Talented you amazed me with your life like animals Your handwriting spoke of skill and grace   Young 94 and 93, both so young when we met A childlike innocence surrounded our friendship   Everlasting A friend …

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